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We help you find out what you really need. Either by reading your thoughts or disaggregating your existing systems.


We fit into your existing development process or help you establish one, to build great software for you.


Need help to understand highly technical topics? Your team needs someone with an untainted mind? We got you covered. Just ask for help.

Who we are

We are Flowd

Flowd was founded as a counterpart to the standard marketing and web development agencies out there. We used to work in exactly that industry and ... well, no offense intended, but it was a mess. Output and quality always suffered by the multiple onion layers of indirection in communication such an organization provides.

Flowd is different. When working with Flowd you always are directly connected to the people with the skills you need to get the job done. If it is one of our founders? You'll get the founder. If we can't do it? We'll just tell you.

How we work

What to expect

Flowd always tries to provide the best service for you as a customer. The way we work vastly differs by the service you demand and reaches from our developers joining your team to we just implement the feature you need and leave. The best way to learn how we would work for you is, to contact us and tell us about your needs. We are more than happy to help you out.

Our main tech stack

Our expertise

The following technologies belong to the main tech stack of our best developers. In total Flowd provides over 30 Years of developer experience in those technologies.

Ruby (Rails)
Java- & Typescript
We cast your idea into code

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